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Over time your property’s roof tiles or roof slates are exposed to a variety or harsh weather conditions including rain, wind, snow, frost, UV damage and more.

The effects of weathering and pollution not only spoil the aesthetic appearance of your property but can cause roof tiles to become porous after about 20 years.

This leads to the formation of moss, fungus, algae, lichens and moisture retention, which in turn increases weight and stress on the roof structure.

Soiled roofing can also cause a build up of rainwater, allowing this to penetrate below the overlaps and ruin the watertight qualities of the surface.

Here at Rooftek Ltd, our friendly and dedicated team of roof coating experts provide a professional roof cleaning, sealing and painting service to ensure your Scotland & Cumbria roof is clean, protected and sealed from harsh weather elements.

Using only the best quality products, tools and techniques, we ensure the job is done correctly on time and on budget, and it’s all fully guaranteed.


RENOTEC Roof Coating Systems Scotland & Cumbria

Proud installer of RENOTEC Roofs in Scotland & Cumbria

Roof Coating near Scotland & Cumbria

RENOTEC is a leading provider of protective roof coating products, covering your roof from the elements.

Roof Coating provides a sealing layer between the roof materials and the weather, this coating will provide years of protection against wind, rain, hailstone and storms.

The experts at RENOTEC have many years of experience developing Roof Coating products.

Leading Roof Coating Experts

RENOTEC roof coating has not only been designed with hydrophobic properties, which protect against damp and mold, the protective seal can also preserve the visual appeal of your roof, preventing stain or discoloration.

At Rooftek Ltd we are proud to be an installer of RENOTEC products, providing quality protection such as Roof Coating, Facade Coating and Water Repellant.

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ProPERLA Protective Coatings

Renotec Roof Coatings by ProPERLA

We apply a two-coat super-hydrophobic coloured renotec roof coating from ProPERLA. It improves resistance to weather influences, extends the life span of the roof tiles and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.

We are proud that our protective roof coatings have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust

Roof Coating Scotland & Cumbria experts

What is a Roof Coating?

A roof coating in Scotland & Cumbria, is a protective layer applied to the roof which helps prevent leaks and moss and algae growth. Waterproof roof coatings protect against small leaks that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. At Rooftek Ltd we use an acrylic-based roof coating that is formulated to help fill gaps in your roof and can be applied to both pitched and flat roofs.

Our roof coatings help seal the gaps between tiles, slates, flashings and gutters. The roof coating adds an extra layer of protection against the elements including rain, snow, ice and UV exposure. It also helps reduce the chance of slates or tiles being moved in high winds.

Roof Coating Scotland & Cumbria experts

Why Choose Our Roof Sealing

The majority of our work comes from recommendations by previous customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship.

Our clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism, and all our roof coating and sealing services are of high quality and cost effective.

Our roof coatings are highly recommended by our customers for the affordable benefits the coatings provide. This includes the protection against moss and water damage, helps protect roof tiles for longer and also makes your property look like new!

Our Roof Cleaning & Roof Coating Process

How do we protect your roof

Our roof coating process includes a deep roof clean that removes all debris and contamination from the roof. The roof is soft washed with an antifungal solution, gutters are cleaned as well as repairs and replacements of roof tiles. Finally, two coats of our roof coating solution is applied for long life protection.

Step 1

Soft Wash Roof Clean

Your roof is washed carefully to remove any and all debris/dirt in between tiles and guttering.

Step 2

Moss Removed from Roof

Moss is removed from the roof and all gutters are cleaned out ready was roof sealing.

Step 3

Fix & Replace Broken Tiles

We repair and replace broken tiles on your roof before the coating application process.

Step 4

Soft Wash Fungicide

We wash the roof again in a fungicide solution to prevent moss and algae growth.

Step 5

Roof Coating Applied

Finally, we apply our protective roof coating for a long life protection in a colour of your choice.

Benefits of Our Roof Sealing

Protecting & Renovating Your Roof

Our specialist roof sealing and coatings are provided ProPERLA, and we are approved applicators for their Renotec Roof Coatings. Both are packed full of features that will benefit both you and your home.

  • Reduces Stress on Roof Structure
  • Resists Weathering and Environmental Pollution
  • Protects Against Moss, Fungi and Lichens
  • Improves Roof Drainage
  • Protects Against Frost Damage
  • Reduces Internal Condensation
  • Colour Blends Patched Roofs or Extensions
  • Increases the Life of Roof Tiles
  • Visual Improvements – Like a New Roof!
  • Enhances Kerb Appeal and Adds Value

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Roof Coating in Scotland & Cumbria

Roof Moss Removal

Moss removal is an essential part of roof cleaning. Many roofs have a build-up of moss throughout its life. This is due to increased moisture and debris such as leaves collecting on the roof. Moss is not dangerous when on your roof but it can lead to issues with your roof such as moisture build-up in your attic and damage to the roofing membrane.

Removing moss from your roof is a job that you can do yourself, but if you are to clean the moss off your roof please make sure you do this carefully. Moss build us can cause your roof to be slippy and difficult to navigate. That is why it is recommended that you use a professional roof cleaning service.

Trusted Scotland & Cumbria Roof Coating

Waterproof Roof Sealing

Applying a waterproof coating not only improves the appearance of the roof, but it also improved its performance.

Our roof coatings are super hydrophobic. This means that your roof is protected with a strong, long lasting waterproof coating that helps stop water and other harsh weather elements from causing damage and erosion to your roof.

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Transform The Look Of Your Roof

A Range of colours available

There are many different colours for you to choose from when using a sealing and colour coating. This includes Rustic, Terracotta, Winter Green, Charcoal Grey and many more! Our team will travel from North Cumbria and The Scottish Borders through Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, South Lanarkshire, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Perth. If you would like to speak to one of our expert team about roofing or wall coatings or want to arrange a FREE no obligation quote then please give us a call us or send us an email to

Roof Coating Colors Scotland & Cumbria
Roof Coatings in Scotland & Cumbria

Examples of Our Roof Coatings

Over 10 years of roof coating experience

As one of the most trusted and experienced roof coating providers across Scotland & Cumbria, we have a variety of examples where our experts have applied our specialist roof coatings. Not only do our roof coatings make your roof look like new, but our roof coatings also offer a range of benefits like protection and insulation.

View more roof coating examples

Experienced company in Scotland & Cumbria

Years of Experience

Our fully qualified team of roofers and roof sealing experts have been servicing and providing exceptional services across Scotland & Cumbria for over 10 years. With our experience growing day by day, we have helped hundreds of customers with their roofing and property needs.

Local Scotland & Cumbria Roofer

All work Guaranteed

All work that our expert team of roofers and property specialists complete for you in Glasgow is fully guaranteed. This means you can be rest assured that the roofing services we provide to you and your home are fully covered in case of any issues that may arise with the completed work.

Protective Roof Coatings

100% Satisfaction

We believe that all our customers should be 100% satisfied with all the work our team complete for you. We know that you will be very happy choosing RoofTek for your roofing requirements and in addition to that all our work comes with guarantees just in case you have any problems.

Reviews of our Roof Coatings

Rated excellent by our customers

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