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Rooftek are specialists in Roof Coating and pride ourselves in providing expert protective roof coatings in Cairnsmore and the surrounding areas. For more information about the roof coating services we provide, please get in touch to receive a free no-obligation quote.

Over time your Cairnsmore property’s roof tiles or roof slates are exposed to a variety or harsh weather conditions including rain, wind, snow, frost, UV damage and more. The effects of weathering and pollution not only spoil the aesthetic appearance of your property but can cause roof tiles to become porous after about 20 years. This leads to the formation of moss, fungus, algae, lichens and moisture retention, which in turn increases weight and stress on the roof structure. Soiled roofing can also cause a build up of rainwater, allowing this to penetrate below the overlaps and ruin the watertight qualities of the surface.

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ProPERLA Protective Coatings

Cairnsmore Roof Coatings by ProPERLA

We apply a two-coat super-hydrophobic coloured renotec roof coating from ProPERLA. It improves resistance to weather influences, extends the life span of the roof tiles and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.

We are proud that our Cairnsmore protective roof coatings have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust

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What is a Roof Coating?

A roof coating in Cairnsmore, is a protective layer applied to the roof which helps prevent leaks and moss and algae growth. Waterproof roof coatings protect against small leaks that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. At Rooftek Ltd we use an acrylic-based roof coating that is formulated to help fill gaps in your roof and can be applied to both pitched and flat roofs.

Our roof coatings help seal the gaps between tiles, slates, flashings and gutters. The roof coating adds an extra layer of protection against the elements including rain, snow, ice and UV exposure. It also helps reduce the chance of slates or tiles being moved in high winds.

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Why have your Cairnsmore roof coated and cleaned?

Roof coating and cleaning is a great way to completely change the appearance of your roof to make it look more visually appealing. It will also add value to your home but most importantly it will help protect your roof tiles, rendering and bricks from adverse weather, aging & invasive moss build up.

As well as cleaning and coating roofs, we also provide a wall sealing and coating service, with a wide range of colours including Rustic, Terracotta, Winter Green, Charcoal Grey and more. You can completely transform the appearance of your property with a properly applied roof coat.

Our Roof Coating Process

How do we protect your roof

Our roof coating process includes a deep roof clean that removes all debris and contamination from the roof. The roof is soft washed with an antifungal solution, gutters are cleaned as well as repairs and replacements of roof tiles. Finally, two coats of our roof coating solution is applied for long life protection.

Step 1

Soft Wash Roof Clean

Your roof is washed carefully to remove any and all debris/dirt in between tiles and guttering.

Step 2

Moss Removed from Roof

Moss is removed from the roof and all gutters are cleaned out ready was roof sealing.

Step 3

Fix & Replace Broken Tiles

We repair and replace broken tiles on your roof before the coating application process.

Step 4

Soft Wash Fungicide

We wash the roof again in a fungicide solution to prevent moss and algae growth.

Step 5

Roof Coating Applied

Finally, we apply our protective roof coating for a long life protection in a colour of your choice.

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As a trusted and highly experienced roof coating company in Cairnsmore, we strive to provide the best roof protection & roof coating service available. We are providing excellent and highly beneficial roof coatings to residents across Cairnsmore. Below is just a snapshot of our roof coating being applied in Cairnsmore, along with the finished results that just look incredible! You can call us on 01671 309035 to organize your roof sealing today.

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Why choose Rooftek Ltd for your roof coatings in Cairnsmore?

As one of the most trusted and experienced roof coating providers across Cairnsmore, we have a wide range of examples where our experts have applied our specialist roof coatings.

Not only do our roof coatings make your roof look like new, but our protective roof coatings also offer a range of benefits like protection and insulation.

Our Cairnsmore clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our roof coating & roof sealing services are of high quality and cost effective.

  • Years of experience
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  • Skilled workforce
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