Roof Cleaning in Meikle Eanock

At RoofTek we specialise in providing professional roof cleaning and protective roof coatings in Meikle Eanock and all the areas surrounding it. To find out more information regarding the roof cleaning services we provide please get in touch to receive a free quote.

Moss removal Meikle Eanock

RoofTek focus and specialise in roof cleaning and our team have a wealth of and experience within the industry allowing us to always provide the highest quality of both service and products.

The range of services that we provide includes general roof cleaning, consisting of the removal of debris like moss and algae from roofs along with a full check of the roof to ensure no damage has been done that could affect the structure and integrity of the roof itself. In the event that any damage is discovered, our team will be happy to repair your roof if you’re happy with our quote.

For more information regarding our roof cleaning please give us a call on 01415 308 624


Roof coating and protection in the Meikle Eanock area

Roof re-coating is a great way to completely change the appearance of your roof without the incredibly high costs that come with a full re-roof. Re-coating your roof can add a stylish and modern finish without all of the labour of sitting new slates and tiles.

As well as cleaning and coating roofs, RoofTek also provide a wall sealing and coating service with a wide range of colours to completely transform the appearance of your property in Meikle Eanock, learn more about our roof cleaning and roof coating services with the button below.

Why might I need Moss Removal in Meikle Eanock?

You can learn more about our moss removal services on our dedicated page using the button below, however here is a small summary of what moss removal is and why it’s important for the health and durability of your roof.

Throughout the life of your roof, it’s guaranteed to build up moss due to moisture and debris landing and staying on it. While it builds up it can slowly damage the membrane of your roof and cause damage internally to your attic.
Our Roof Cleaning and Coating work

Roof cleaning and coating available throughout Scotland and Cumbria including Carlisle, Dumfries, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Stirling.

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